Chop off your tail

Nqumla Umsiila Wakho : chop off your tail

Nqumla: chop or cut through

umsila: tail

Wakho: yours


This is a idiom meaning effectively 'close the door behind you'.

The basic way would be to say 'vala ucango' : close the door

or if you wanted to be more polite: 'Khawuvale ucango' : please close the door

You can use 'Khawu' on the start of a verb to act as saying please, and then just change the ending 'a' to an 'e' (basically to show that it is a directive).

for example:

Khawuthule: please (be) quiet

Khawuphinde: please repeat

Khawucacise: please explain

Also, as well as Nqumla (chop), there are a few alternatives for cutting:

ukusika: to cut

ukusarha: to saw

ukucheba: to cut/shave/trim (hair or grass..) - ucheba iinwele: you cut hair